Netflix Cancels Space Force After 2 Seasons

Guess Steve Carrell and company won't be boldly going after all.

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The cast of Netflix's Space Force taking a picture together.
Image: Netflix

The last week has been pretty rough for Netflix in terms of news; the big streamer has had some high profile cancellations and reports of layoffs. If you’re a fan of Space Force, their sci-fi military comedy series, bad news: it too has been canceled.

Created by Greg Daniels of The Office and Parks & Recreation fame, the series starred Steve Carrell as a military general tasked with creating the titular space force as the next branch of the US Armed Forces. Rather clearly influenced by the Trump administration’s attempt to make space guardians, the comedy was rather hit and miss across its two seasons. Carrell and the rest of the cast, featuring Ben Schwartz, Tawny Newsome, and John Malkovich, were the show’s high points (as they well should be), but they were in a show that wasn’t making the best use of their talents.

Space Force’s cancellation joins fellow canceled series Raising Dion and Pretty Smart, and the news comes after Netflix announced earlier in the week that it’s lost 200,000 subscribers, marking their first subscriber loss in a decade. As previously stated, the streaming service now plans on cutting back on their multitude of original programming, and the animated series Boons & Curses was even been canceled in the middle of development. Like with Stranger Things’ upcoming season costing $30 million per episode, it’s said that Space Force was considered to be a pretty pricey show to develop.


Even with the cancellation, Daniels will still be working with Netflix going forward. He’ll be serving as an executive producer on the animated series Bad Crimes and an adaptation of the Exploding Kittens card game. Daniels also has the sci-fi comedy Upload over at Amazon, which dropped season two back in March. That show has yet to be greenlit for a third season, but Daniels seems confident that it will, as he revealed to TheWrap that early work on season three has begun.


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