They may be an unscrupulous bunch, but you can't say spammers aren't efficient. Just imagine the time spent registering those domain names!

Those 57,000 websites being registered every week were uncovered by—surprise, surprise—an anti-virus company, PandaLabs, whose best interest is reminding you of the ongoing threat of such evils.


It's mostly eBay and Western Union whose identities are stolen (comprising 23.21 per cent and 21.15 per cent of the most targeted brands list), with other companies such as Amazon, PayPal and Visa obviously ranking high on the list of brands too.

Here's PandaLabs' break-down of the high-profile brands most associated with spam sites:

Wot, no fake Gizmodos tricking people into handing over their credit card info? [SecurityWeek via FastCompany]

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