Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Gets a Gorgeous Music Video Packed With New Footage

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God, this movie is a damn fine-lookin’ piece of animation.

Post Malone has dropped a new lyric video today for “Sunflower,” a collaboration with Swae Lee written for the soundtrack of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The song itself is pretty cool—a chill contrast to the frenetic Spidey-slinging antics going on throughout the video, in the form of clips from the upcoming film.

The video itself is, like Spider-Verse, a cleverly animated and incredibly stylish little thing. The lyrics are smoothly integrated into the comic book visuals of the film, either as text panels, splayed across surfaces, or cutely mouthed out by the young Miles Morales as he dances about his day as part-time school kid, part-time Ultimate Spider-Man.

But the footage itself is very interesting, because it gives us some intriguing insights into the narrative of the film previously left only to speculation based on the past trailers. We get to see that the Gwen Stacy we’ve seen as the Radioactive Spider-Gwen is actually a student at Miles’ school (or at least, is in disguise as one for a bit, given she’s said she’s from another universe in other footage). We get to see a bit more of all the Spider-heroes in action (incluing Noir, SP//dr, and Spider-Ham). And best of all, we even get to see the older Peter Parker of another reality meet Miles for the first time...over the grave of his Miles-reality’s namesake, which earns poor Pete a surprise venom-zap.

Oops. You’ll hear “Sunflower” in action when Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hits theaters December 14.