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Spoiler Alert: This Game of Thrones VFX Reel Exposes That Dragons, Sadly, Aren't Real

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It doesn’t matter who your favorite Game of Thrones character is, because Tyrion, Sansa, and even Jon Snow are completely over-shadowed whenever Daenerys’ dragons show up in an episode. But despite recent advancements in reviving extinct creatures, this VFX reel by Image Engine reveals how the show brings its true stars to life.


The reel also gives us a look at how the VFX artists at Image Engine relied on footage of eagles and bats flying to figure out exactly how a giant, winged dinosaur would fly. The results are thoroughly convincing, and hopefully, once Game of Thrones’ last season airs, these dragons will find work on other shows.

[Vimeo via Art of VFX]