Spotify Could Finally Be Coming to a Browser Near You

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If you've wished you could just load Spotify up in a browser of your choice instead of messing with a dedicated player, you're in luck. TechCrunch has gotten word that Spotify is working on a brower-based player to augment the one it has now, or even replace it.

Coming to browsers isn't the only change Spotify has in the works. In addition to the browser move, Spotify is also reportedly planning to improve its social aspects a bit; this could include anything from making its discovery and recommendations a little more robust (closing in on Pandora) to adding some much needed options to its playlist sharing options.

There's also the issue of price. The move to browser would be a great opportunity for Spotify to shake everything up a little, up to and including making the price a little bit lower, perhaps moving to something more like $8 for a mobile subscription. Other details notwithstanding, a browser-based Spotify would surely bring even more users to the service and bring it toe-to-toe with all the other web-based streaming solutions it's been competing with somewhat indirectly. When all this will happen is anyone's guess, but I'll venture to say "not soon enough." [TechCrunch]

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Eric Limer

I really hope this happens soon. I had to give up Spotify when I moved to Linux because the unsupported app crashes CONSTANTLY. I'd jump at the chance to go back.