Spotify Now Provides Unlimited Free Music on its Desktop App

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Until now, Spotify's free accounts provided unlimited ad-supported streaming via its desktop client for six months, until it then imposed a cap on your streaming. Now, though, that cap is being scrapped.


As of now, Spotify has removed the caps from its free web service. You'll still have to put up with ads, but you'll now be able to listen to that favorite album on repeat ad infinitum. The change applies around the world, so you'll be able to take advantage wherever you are. The new feature is no doubt a result of a healthy $250 million funding injection that Spotify managed to raise last fall— and will daunt its streaming competitors, too. [Spotify via TechCrunch]

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I still don't "get" spotify. It's not really free - if you want to listen to music offline you have to subscribe (for example - you don't have unlimited data). And if you cancel your subscription, all your music disappears. I still haven't heard a compelling argument as to why Spotify is better than just buying music outright. All the online articles go on and on about how fantastic and marvellous it is, but don't explain *why*, and given the limitations above, I have trouble understanding why so many people use it.

Plus their EDM selection is just pathetic, which doesn't help. Of the top 50 or so tracks I have on my phone I could only find 8 of them on spotify this morning.