Spray on Skin Gun Shoots Stem Cells To Heal Your Open Wounds

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Because of its use of stem cells, a skin regenerating gun would certainly cause a stir among conservative types-but if you were caught out on a battlefield with a gaping wound, you would be begging for technology like this. That is why the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine invested $250 million in a project focused on therapies like the famous "Pixie Dust" that can help heal soldiers on the front lines in Iraq. As for the the "skin gun," it could spray skin-healing stem cells over a wound-helping it heal in a matter of hours.


Given the relatively small amount of funding and the potential ethical roadblocks the military would run into trying to develop a skin gun, my guess is that we probably won't see a device like this in our local pharmacy anytime soon. But it is interesting to think that it could be possible somewhere down the line. [Pop Sci via io9 via DVICE]



Why do people keep thinking that embryonic stem cells come from aborted babies?

They don't! They come from all the left-over fertilized eggs that are not implanted back in to women under-going fertility treatment (IVF). If they don't get used for research they are flushed down the toilet (metaphorically)!

On the subject of adult-derived stem cells, while promising they are not yet ready for prime time and still are not as flexible as ESCs. This may change at some point, but in the meantime work with ESCs needs to continue.