Spray on Skin Gun Shoots Stem Cells To Heal Your Open Wounds

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Because of its use of stem cells, a skin regenerating gun would certainly cause a stir among conservative types-but if you were caught out on a battlefield with a gaping wound, you would be begging for technology like this. That is why the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine invested $250 million in a project focused on therapies like the famous "Pixie Dust" that can help heal soldiers on the front lines in Iraq. As for the the "skin gun," it could spray skin-healing stem cells over a wound-helping it heal in a matter of hours.

Given the relatively small amount of funding and the potential ethical roadblocks the military would run into trying to develop a skin gun, my guess is that we probably won't see a device like this in our local pharmacy anytime soon. But it is interesting to think that it could be possible somewhere down the line. [Pop Sci via io9 via DVICE]