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Spring Snowboard and Ski Reader Meetup: I'm Feeling the Love

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey, if you haven't heard I'm doing an informal reader meet up April 5th, at (I think) Alpine Meadows in Tahoe. The point will be to ski or snowboard, while testing out some gadgets in the real world. What's cool is that plenty of people are coming and that there'll be some fun gear to play with while we're there. And more and more cool gear is showing up at this shindig.

• Nokia is bringing a ton of N95s for us to use.
• Smith Optics will be bringing some of their new hot swappable goggles and fan driven turbo goggles to test out, along with a bluetooth helmet and I think lots and lots of headbands. (Slope style counts.)
• JBL is giving away headphones.
• VuDu is giving away a box!
• I'll have a Garmin Colorado preloaded with Ski trail maps. Overkill compared to a paper map, but potentially useful for off-piste adventures and worth checking out in person.
• Zune'll come along with a few loaners preloaded with Gizmodo approved snow shredding tracks.
• I'll have one loaner of the Vholdr outdoor camcorder.
• Nacski might be setting up a bus ride system from SF.
• Silverado Systems is going to bring a pair of RED One cams
• I'll bring a Dash GPS.
• No camera companies have stepped up to participate with batches of loaners of outdoor cams cough*olympuspentaxsanyo*cough, but I'll keep trying.


If you want to come, I will welcome you with open arms as you spray fresh spring slush in my face. It will definitely be T-shirt weather by then, even more so than now. If you work for a gear company with outdoor gear, let me know if you want to bring some to show off.

Email me and I'll put you on the list with more details.

More to come.