Phone carriers play this competitive game of "me too." So following the AT&T promo that will double data on shared plans, both Sprint and Verizon have announced that they'll do the same.

The Sprint plan starts today, and will multiply its you 32, 40, or 60GB plans for $130, $150, and $225 respectively. Sprint customers must sign up by Halloween (boo!) to get the deal.


For the Verizon crowd, the 20, 30, 40, and 50GB More Everything plans are doubling but staying at the same price point, or $150, $225, $300, and $375. Verizon's promo starts tomorrow. If you plan to eat through a lot of data, or if your dumb brother tends to do a lot of Facebook creeping and you're on the same plan, now is probably a good time to get in on this data deal. [Verizon, Sprint via Engadget]

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