Sprint Confirms First WiMax Handset Will Arrive By Summer

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A leaked roadmap had previously indicated that Sprint would be launching a 4G WiMax handset sometime in 2010, and now the company has confirmed that we'll be seeing the technology within the next few months. But is the network ready?

Well, sort of. Sprint's been working with Clearwire on building up a 4G WiMax network since 2007, and while it's taken longer than they thought, they do have it up and running in 27 markets that serve 30 million people. But! Those markets currently don't include biggies like New York, San Fransisco, and DC, and 4G. WiMax hasn't been put to the test by a wide audience.


Still, they've got to do it sometime, and sooner is better than never for those who can use it. There's speculation that the handset in question will be the HTC Supersonic, an Android WiMax phone that leaked just last month. [Forbes via Electronista]

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Supersonic? Yes please.

Question though : if I live in an area w/o 4G coverage, would I still be able to get this phone, and keep the same plan ($99 simply everything)?

Also - WiMax + rooted Anrdoid for wifi tethering. Oh man.