Roadmap Leak: HTC Android Phone With WiMax Coming to Sprint This Year?

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If Phone Arena's leaked roadmap is correct, Sprint will be launching an Android WiMax phone from HTC in 2010.

The document says that an HTC A9292 is on the way, possessing a candybar form factor. And comparing that to HTC's convention for model numbers, means that the phone will be powered by Android. Also interesting is that Phone Arena's tipster brought up the possibility of Sprint launching the Palm C40 (which isn't on the list), and a Motorola WinMo phone though nobody has a clue what those could be. But Phone Arena says that Moto has no plans to launch a WinMo 6.5 phone, so it's possible that could be running 7.0 instead. Curious.


Other than that, the rest of the products listed look like run-of-the-mill dumbphones and featurephones. Yawn. [Phone Arena via Slashgear]