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Sprint Faker Hands-On: Pretend You Have a Life

Illustration for article titled Sprint Faker Hands-On: Pretend You Have a Life

Sprint's teamed up with game company Moderati for a mobile Faker application, which essentially lets you use your phone to pretend to have a life. It's gimmicky, sure, but it does have some neat features. Among the ones that you won't use very often are pickup lines, rejections, bar dares, and a fake Breathalyzer. Fun if you're bored waiting for something, but useless otherwise.


What's best about the Faker are the faux calls and faux numbers.

The "faux number" is a number (one for all major cities) that you can give to that guy or gal who's hitting on you without actually giving them your number. On second thought, we'd probably be on the receiving end of this, so perhaps it's not so great.


The "faux call" programs the phone to give you a fake call at a pre-specified time (now, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour) from someone (a boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, maid, french female) to simulate a conversation. For example, when the neighbor calls you, it'll prompt with "you say 'What up?'", "you say 'What!'", and "you say 'Why don't you have pants on?". Seriously, that's what it says.

Pretty neat if you ever have to get out of a situation, but it does use up your minutes when you place the fake calls. That's the price you pay for being a faker.

Product Page [Moderati]

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DJ Squibbles

I'm mildly intrigued in that fake caller thing. Sounds like there's a lot of hilarity to be had there.