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Sprint Instinct Requires $70-a-Month Simply Everything Data Plan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While someone interested in finger-flicking Sprint's Instinct iPhone-foe when it launches June 20 would probably want a hearty data plan to get the most out of it, Sprint's going a step further and making you get one: Its lowest-end Simply Everything plan at $69.99 a month, which comes with unlimited web, email, GPS and other stuff (sans tethering), and 450 minutes talk time. (Though you can get unlimited chatting too for $99.99 total in what's probably the best of the four carriers' unlimited plans.) BTW, while CW says no set price, we were told $299 last month-hopefully this means it'll be even cheaper. Update: Yup, we added in some mo' details. [Computerworld via Unwired View]