Sprint LG Rumor Messaging Phone No Longer Just a Rumor

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Sprint clearly didn't want Verizon enV users to have all the messaging fun: the LG Rumor looks about the same size as the latter-day enV, with a slideout QWERTY keypad. Features include 1.3 megapixel camera, (new?) Sprint POP3 e-mail client, Bluetooth, a MicroSD card slot and GPS with Sprint Navigation. The catch, if there is one, is that this isn't an EV-DO phone: it runs on the older 1XRTT voice-and-data network only. You can use it as a cellular modem, though it will cost you extra and will only deliver 1X speeds. And unlike the enV, this 0.7"-thick Rumor doesn't come in green: just black n' blue or white n' silver. It'll set you back $80 after 2-year agreement and $50 rebate.


Press release:

RumorTM by LG®

Making Messaging Easier

Rumor by LG, exclusively from Sprint, is an affordable and attractive Sprint PCS Vision® phone that helps you manage your entertainment, data, and voice needs in a single device. Available in two stylish color options, Rumor by LG puts the convenience of text messaging in the palm of your hand with an easy-to-use QWERTY slide keyboard and one touch access to messaging through a softkey from the idle screen. Whenever you slide open the phone, it automatically populates the messaging menu for you. Text tones can be assigned to a Contacts entry so you can easily identify the sender. Rumor by LG also offers an MP3 music player and a 4 GB capacity microSD card slot so you can take your favorite tunes with you on the go. Additional features include a 1.3 MP camera/camcorder and Bluetooth wireless technology.


Sprint PCS Vision with advanced services including web access and a POP3 email client

Built-in MP3 player with 4 GB capacity MicroSD card slot

Compatible with Sprint Music Manager software for easy sideloading*

1.3 MP camera/camcorder with 2x digital zoom

Sprint PCS Picture MailSM

Easy access to Facebook and other popular social networks

Downloadable ringers, screen savers, applications and games


QWERTY slide keyboard

SMS Voice and text messaging

One touch messaging access

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Sprint Navigation with visual and audible turn-by-turn driving directions

Instant messaging

T9 text input

Phone as Modem

Internal phone book with capacity for up to 499 entries

Wireless Backup

Built-in productivity tools include scheduler, world clock, alarm clock, calculator, EZ Tip Calculator, voice memo and notepad


Price: $279.99 MSRP; $79 with 2year contract and $50 rebate

2 colors - black with blue interior and white with silver interior

Dimensions: 4.3" x 2.0" x 0.7"; 4.13 ounces

Main Display: 1.25" X 1.56" TFT (176 x 220 pixels)

Standard Li-Polymer battery: up to 4.5 hours continuous talk time

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I have a green EnV and love it. Nice to be able to bang out a comprehensible TXT message in a third the time it takes, even T9 style. EnV's also have 2.0 MP cameras, vs this one's 1.3MP. And while it's taken me a while to get used to the key locations on the EnV (shift being where tab normally is, etc) I'd still take it over the split bottom row on the Rumor.