Sprint Xohm WiMax Test Drive: Just Like Cable

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Sprint's got a bunch of devices huddled in a booth running off its Xohm WiMax network: some Nokia N810 tablets and a smattering of notebooks from different makers (like a Windows XP Asus Eee PC, but it was acting a bit wonky, so I had to move on to a more generic laptop). Basically, the internet experience is just like cable, except wireless—the buildout is aimed at 2-4Mbps downspeed bandwidth and about 1.5-2 up, which is exactly what I was pulling here, according to a stealthy speedtest.net check.

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I wanted a large file download (like a movie) to check sustained speeds, but they weren't giving us too much freedom to mess around. So I just downloaded iTunes, since it's a decent size and usually pretty snappy on my home computer. As you can see, I got between 140-170KB/s, averaging around 150. A little less than I'm used to with cable in that scenario, and a bit below what I expected post-speed test, but not too shabby, for sure.

I would've liked to try some P2P to really straintest the network, but at that point I got yelled at for taking pictures and downloading stuff. Overall, performance was solid, but it's a lot easier to get a WiMax network running in a cramped, controlled environment than following through on a nation-wide deployment. And that's the real trick. [Giz @ CTIA 2008]



@Kilcannon: Well it is still a new network i'd expect faster download speeds tho and more unstable download speeds too. Also you have to consider that it is wireless. Lets go sprint.

Im not with sprint but i hope this works for them so the only two DATA companies (because t-mobile really is late on their data network upgrades) wont be Verizon and AT&T.

Bet your bottom dollar if sprint had another carrier helping them out with their network or releasing wimax with them they'd have a lot less to worry about because they could help each other out. If that is what AT&T and verizon are doing (because if i remember right there was supposed to be a partnership between AT&T and Verizon in the 4G data network)