Sprint's Capping Tethered Data on October 2nd (Updated)

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Sprint's about to make its first step to distance itself from unlimited data. Starting October 2nd, mobile hotspot customers will have a 5GB cap, with a 5 cent per MB charge after that.


The cap only applies to Sprint's $30/month mobile hotspot data plan, so your unlimited handset data is safe—for now. Still, it's a bit distressing that any of Sprint's unlimited plans are under fire, since other changes, like axing its Premiere plan and nearly doubling its early termination fee, have been ostensibly in the service of protecting unlimited. [Sprintfeed via Engadget]

Update: Sprint has confirmed to BGR that they are indeed capping tethered data on Oct. 2nd.


This should surprise no one. It was only a matter of time.

The problem is that regardless of the fact that everyone agrees Sprint's competitive pricing is more attractive than At&t and Verizon, customers still aren't leaving the big two for Sprint in large enough numbers.