Sprint's Samsung Instinct Now Costs $199 After Rebate

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We previously heard that the Samsung Instinct was going to be $299 after rebate on Sprint-not too bad a price for what we said was the best Sprint and best Samsung phone ever. Turns out the iPhone 3G's $199 reveal sent Sprint back to their abacuses, which they used diligently to come up with an extra $100 mail-in rebate to equal the playing field with AT&T. The win for Sprint's deal is that current customers can supposedly buy the phone without renewing their two-year contract, which is pretty great for someone who plans on ditching carriers soon. [Phone News]


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@erichg14: How is leaving the door open for their customers to leave a way to pry market share from other carriers? Do you think people say "Wow, I wont have to renew my contract if I purchase the Instinct" when they arent Sprint customers to begin with??? This is great for current customers, dont get me wrong, but when you're looking at it from managements side it sucks. They're not locking their customers in for another 2 years giving them the option to still ditch Sprint.

Customer A contract is up in the fall, he buys an Instinct now which doesnt extend his contract one bit. Christmas time rolls around and Apple comes out with a 32GB iPhone. Customer A sells his Instinct and moves over to AT&T OR Customer A buys Instinct now but then sometime next year Apple comes out with improved camera, front facing camera and etc. Do you see where I'm getting at?