Sprint's Samsung Upstage is Two-Face Without the Horrible Disfigurement

Just as we told you last night, the Samsung Ultra Music phone has been rebranded the "Upstage" and is taking its dual-sided music/calling to Sprint. The phone itself (see our grope and gallery of it from CES) has two faces, one with music controls and a larger screen and the back (front?) with a dialpad and a smaller display.


Since it's on Sprint, you'll be able to grab Sprint's entire catalog of 1.4 million songs and "sideload" it onto the phone. Each song will be available for direct download for 99 cents, but the phone itself doesn't support Napster or iTunes or any other DRM scheme.

One cool feature about this that we haven't talked about before is the caller ID announcement through the headphones if you're currently listening to music. Let's see the iPhone do that.

Sprint Unveils New Music Phone [WirelessInfo]

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