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Square Is Rolling Out Digital Gift Cards for Your Phone

Who needs a piece of plastic to give a gift card anymore? Not you if you go through Square. A new update to the Square Wallet app adds digital giftcards you can give right from your phone right to someone else's. And if your gift-target is running iOS 6, it'll show up in their Passbook.


The update comes in two halves, the first is the update to the consumer app Square Wallet which adds the ability to purchase the cards and send them to others. The second is an update to Square Register which allows business owners to accept the cards in three ways: Printed QR code, Square Wallet or Passbook.

While the cards will work on all platforms with the QR code and Wallet options, the Passbook integration is where the opportunity really shines, making it very easy for iOS 6 users to spend that sweet gift-money with a little less hassle. Thanks to moves like this, the gift card is becoming less of a last minute gift and more of a last second one; procrastinators rejoice.

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