Illustration for article titled Stalker with Low Standards Hides GPS Transmitter on Simon Cowells Car

Apparently, some stalker or weasely Paparazzi photographer sneakily affixed a GPS transmitter on American Idol judge Simon Cowell's Bentley. It's a pretty weak move, both for Cowell's privacy and for a public who doesn't care about Simon Cowell's whereabouts.


Apparently, a leather-clad biker kept showing up everywhere Cowell went, so he had his car swept for bugs. At that point, they found a sophisticated tracking device magnetically attached to the undercarriage of his car. Who would go to such lengths to stalk Simon frigging Cowell? Could it be a stalker? Probably not, as stalkers rarely have the funds or wherewithal to use such fancy technology.

No, this was probably the work of an enterprising paparazzo, trying to get the scoop on where the acerberic Brit was at all times. How creepy and worthless! Who cares about where Simon Cowell goes? If you're going to violate someone's privacy, you might as well make it someone interesting. [Mirror via The Raw Feed]


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