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Now you can annoy everyone around you with your Trekkie tendencies, aiming this near-exact replica of the Star Trek original series phaser at your TV set. It's a remote control that not only looks just like the original prop, but Paramount Pictures also licensed all the original sound effects that you can activate by pressing its control keys.

Other than its stunning looks, it operates much like a typical TV universal remote control with its library of access codes, and thankfully, it has a sound effects mute key to get rid of those noises you'll grow weary of hearing after about two minutes.


How faithful is it to the original? After the jump, we compare this remote with the original prop from the Star Trek series.

This Star Trek Phaser remote is sold out at the moment, but the Phone Phun site vows to locate more.

Product Page [Phone Phun, via Red Ferret]


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