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How to Watch Star Trek: Prodigy Now That It's Been Removed From Paramount+

The swift erasure of the Star Trek animated series by Paramount now means your options are very limited.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Paramount apparently couldn’t wait more than a weekend after its shocking decision to both renege on the season two greenlight for Star Trek: Prodigy and remove its entire first season from its Paramount+ streaming service: the animated Trek series, barely a year old, has now been removed from “the home of Star Trek.” But if you still want to watch it, there’s still options.

Is Star Trek: Prodigy Streaming on Paramount+ Anymore?

As of today, June 26—just three days after Paramount’s announcement that it would remove Prodigy from its streaming platform, alongside several other titles—Star Trek: Prodigy is no longer streaming on the service in the U.S. It is currently as of this writing still streaming in international markets where Paramount+ is available, but presumably not for much longer.


Can I Buy Star Trek: Prodigy Physically?

Yes and no: or at least, you can buy some of it. Paramount released DVD and Blu-ray copies of the first 10 episodes of Prodigy’s first season earlier this year, but in the wake of the news of its cancellation and removal, those physical releases are now suddenly harder to come by—they’re both currently out of stock on Amazon, for example.


Episodes 11-20 were never announced as getting a physical release, and that now remains unlikely.

Can I Buy Star Trek: Prodigy Digitally?

The first 10 episodes of Prodigy can be purchased digitally through Amazon Prime Video (where all 20 could be previously accessed through Amazon’s storefront if you subscribed to Paramount+). In the U.S., the first half of the season is also available to purchase on Apple TV, Vudu, Youtube TV, and Google Play. If you’re based in the UK, the full season one is currently available to purchase through the Sky Store, as well as through Apple TV, Youtube TV, and Google Play.

What Will Happen to Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2?

Star Trek: Prodigy’s second season, originally planned to hit Paramount+ this winter, had largely finished post-production on 20 more episodes. While those episodes will not air on Paramount+ any more, the team behind Prodigy has expressed the intent to finish the episodes, with the hopes of CBS Studios being able to sell both season one and season two to a new buyer. It’s currently unknown how long that process will take, if a buyer is found.


Could Star Trek: Prodigy Return to Paramount+?

The short answer is that we don’t know, especially if streaming rights are ultimately sold to another service for now. While Paramount is the latest in a host of major streamers, including Warner Bros.’ Max and Disney’s Disney+, to remove streaming originals from their platforms as financial impairment charges—tax write-offs that cover the no-longer-needed charges to host these assets as-is—we don’t know the details of how long the impairment period will last, meaning that while Prodigy could eventually return to the service, it’s definitely not going to be any time soon.


Update 6/27/2023: This post has been updated to reflect that now only the first 10 episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy are available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S..

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