Star Wars Lego Sets Exploding at 3,000 Frames per Second Is the Best Guilty Pleasure

Accidentally dropping an elaborate Lego set and having it smash to thousands of pieces can be heart-breaking—unless you did it on purpose with a high-speed camera filming. But why rely on gravity when explosives make Lego slow-motion destruction even more satisfying?

The YouTubers at Glorious Eye Candy built an elaborate Star Wars Lego diorama and then utterly destroyed it using explosives, pyrotechnics, and lots of wonderful eye candy that goes boom. They also filmed the diorama’s destruction with a Phantom Flex camera running at 3,000 frames per second. The results are just as enjoyable as The Force Awakens was, even if the ending—hundreds of dollars worth of Lego going boom—might bring you to tears.


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Greg the Mad

A bit disappointing I gotta say, he should use more explosives next time: