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Star Wars Micro Lightsabers Give Your Keychain The Force

Illustration for article titled Star Wars Micro Lightsabers Give Your Keychain The Force

If you're not getting enough of The Force while you're, say, driving to work, maybe you need one of these really small Star Wars Micro Lightsabers hanging on your key chain. Or perhaps a strong cup of coffee would do even better.


Anyway, Think Geek just got a shipment of these tiny LED-lit weapons from a place that's far, far away (okay, Japan), random-packed because they're originally encapsulated in containers sold in Japanese vending machines. Take the jump to see the list of Star Wars weapons that are available.

• Darth Vader's Saber (original movies) • Obi Wan Saber (original movies) • Luke's Saber (original movies—from his pappy) • Luke's Saber (Return of the Jedi) • Han's Blaster (original movies) • Darth Maul's Saber (episode 1) • Anakin's Saber (prequel) • Obi Wan (episode 1) • Yoda's Saber (prequels) • Boba Fett's Blaster (the good movies)


You can't pick and choose which one you'd actually like to receive, so try your luck, and see which of the 10 weapons listed above you get for your $4.99.

Product Page [Think Geek]

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And now I can go "woooom!" whenever I unlock something.