Star Wars' Tales From Galaxy's Edge Trailer Puts You in Black Spire Outpost and Beyond

Step aside, Baby Yoda and High Republic Yoda. Now we’ve got VIRTUAL YODA.
Step aside, Baby Yoda and High Republic Yoda. Now we’ve got VIRTUAL YODA.
Image: ILMxLAB

Going to Batuu virtually beats trying to go to a Disney park right now. But the new Star Wars VR game is letting you do so much more than just check out the wait lines at a theme park. Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB have dropped a new teaser for the upcoming Tales from Galaxy’s Edge VR game, which looks, mechanically at least, like an interesting follow up to the studio’s most recent Star Wars VR exploration in Vader Immortal.


There’s still lightsaber-swinging aplenty, but it’s sectioned off in a very interesting narrative framework. For the most part, you’ll play Tales as a cargo hauler who finds themselves chased to Batuu by the Guavian Death Gang, who want some of your goods thanks to a pricey First Order bounty on them.

That brings you to Galaxy’s Edge’s Black Spire Outpost, sure, but while you’ll spend plenty of time running errands for the denizens of like Star Wars: Resistance’s Bobby Moynahan, who plays cantina owner Seezelslak (a rival to Oga, presumably), what seems to be most interesting is the way Tales will let you explore the wider planet’s ancient past.

Through tales told to you by Seezelslak, players will venture back in time to inhabit a Jedi padawan training at an Order Temple on the planet, under the tutelage of Master Yoda himself, once again voiced by Frank Oz. It’s a neat way to change things up from the typical blaster-focused gameplay elsewhere in Tales, and bring back what worked best about Vader Immortal (it very satisfying to slice things up with a lightsaber in VR)—plus, it seems like Yoda’s not the only familiar face you’ll bump into, either.

Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy’s Edge is set to hit Facebook’s Oculus Quest platform exclusively on November 19. If it’s anything like Vader Immortal before it, it’ll be a while yet before it hits other VR headsets like those available on PC and Playstation.


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That’s kind of disappointing there’s a Jedi Temple on Batuu because it feels shoehorned in for the game. I know it’s a big planet, but the populous seems to live near Black Spire Outpost and the surrounding lands. There’s already ancient temples made by the natives near BSO. Why would the Jedi have a temple so far from the core when it sounds like they barely charted the outrim some 200 years ago during the High Republic era? And Yoda looks like he’s in his robes from the prequel era, if not ESB. It was cool the have BSO just be a trading outpost on an alien planet with no Jedi connection other than the alarming amount of Jedi and Sith artifacts scrappers found in the salvage and a place where you can literally make a lightsaber... okay I guess a temple on the planet makes sense...