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Starbucks Vending Machines Suck More Soul Out of Espresso

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Starbucks has been on a downward slide for years quality-wise, exchanging solid product for McD's-style viral growth, ubiquity and speed. Since it's not enough that their subpar coffee is on every corner in NY, they've decided to invade every room too, with a new automated vending machine co-produced with Pepsi that churns out your favorite poorly crafted "roasted coffee, various lattes, and hot cocoa."

In truth, it's not a far cry from the automatic espresso machines that reside on baristas' counters in Sbux already, so the decision to go full-blown automaton was probably an easy one, despite Howard Schtulz's handwringing last month—over none other than the "commoditization" of the brand. Gee Howard, what do you think a 'Bucks vending machine in every office will do to the brand? (Not to mention the coffee. Yech.) What do you guys brew with?


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