Stargate Universe Writer Asks For Your Help With The New Season

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Stargate writer and consulting producer for SGU Joseph Mallozzi took to his blog asking the Gaters for input while he's scribbling away on the new season. Here's your chance to tell them to throw the stones out the airlock.

Mallozzi's blog asked his readers 5 questions about the NEW SGU series. Remember we still haven't seen the second half of season one. But that shouldn't stop you from voicing your opinion about the crew aboard the Destiny.

So, as we prep for the show's second season – and keeping in mind you haven't seen the more action-oriented back half of season one – I'd like to know:

1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

4. What was your favorite "story moment" from the first half of SGU's first season?

5. What element (I'm leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?


Here's our stab at it:

1. TJ. We know she learned to "stitch up" people from her family and that she had an affair with Young, but we don't really know why she does anything. We'd love to see this character fleshed out, without using the stones. TJ seems like she could be a truly fascinating character. I'd really like to know more about her motivations and personality.


2. The Destiny! It's a giant spaceship and we love spaceships, so more spaceship exploration please. Right now, all we have seen that helps build the world on this ship is the knowledge chair, the gate room and observation deck, the mist shower and the recharger thingamajiggy. We want to see more, and it doesn't have to be big. The SGU crew is living on an ancient alien space ship — that alone is exciting. What do the beds look like? What are the mattresses made of? How are they cleaning their clothes? Are people trying to personalize their rooms? What do the bathrooms look — like is it a Demolition Man 3 seashell moment, or an Earth toilet? Right now, the Destiny just feels like a long, dark and confusing hallway, we'd love to see that fleshed out into an actual ship with a front and a back. Not unlike Serenity or the Galactica. Give us a chance to get our bearings, and then let's go exploring.

3. Sadly, the stones. Too much time is spent on Earth, when there's a much more interesting spaceship that needs explaining. There's no reason the drama that is revealed on Earth can't happen on Destiny. We're not saying lose them entirely, we'd just like to see less time spent on Earth.


4. You won us back when Young dropped Rush on the last planet. Twist!

5. The only thing we truly want added is more character depth to the women. Heck maybe a more few alien run-ins, but we know you already have that planned.


Now it's your turn. What would you like to see more of (and less of) on SGU?