The Commerce Team recommends Amazon Prime to both readers and friends more than any other subscription service, and if you start a free trial today, you'll have it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all your holiday shopping. Act now because Amazon's early Black Friday discounts start tomorrow.

We'll take this opportunity to remind you that we plan to aggressively seek out online price matches for in-store Black Friday deals throughout our coverage, to make sure you can enjoy your holiday with your families instead of spending it standing in lines. We anticipate Amazon being the leader in that price matching.


For the uninitiated, Amazon Prime offers subscribers fast, free shipping on a huge catalog of products, along with a video streaming service comparable to Netflix (and cheaper), free Kindle books, exclusive deals, and much more. Even better, through December 19 Prime customers can try out Amazon's Subscribe and Save service for the first time at a whopping 30% discount.

Even if you have no interest in starting a paid subscription after the trial, there's no question that Prime will save you money and time over your next 30 days of shopping.

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