Start Your Rudimentary 3D Home Printing Business for Less Than $500

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One day in the distant theoretical future, we will want for nothing, as the Great American Dream will forgo a chicken in every pot for a 3D printer in every home.

In the present day, however, things are a bit more mundane, with 3D printing still very much relegated to the extremes. Immense manufacturing facilities and businesses fabricate 3D items all the time, while hobbyists toil away on small plastic parts for weekend projects or the occasional Maker's Faire exhibit. Both avenues are expensive, but on the hobbyist front there's a recent development that might alleviate some of the buy-in, should you be interested in some home workshop fabrication.

For about $500, you can pick up a promotionally-priced eMAKER Huxley RepRap 3D printer, and begin pumping out plastic parts in a range of colors to your heart's content. Only 100 such units will be made available at this price, so if you're one to be jonesing for at-home 3D printing, best get moving. [eMAKER via Boing Boing]