Information-hungry iPad users are in luck with Panic's newest release: Status Board, a customized, at-a-glance display of more tidbits than you could possibly consume.

While the $10 price tag might seem steep, you're immediately treated to a friendly, soothingly-soundtracked setup assistant who guides you through the entire process of picking and choosing your knowledge-to-be. You can still adjust after the fact though, adding things like email, weather, reminders, news feeds, Twitter—anything, really. The app is your oyster.


And you can even use whatever personal data you have handy to throw into a widget. So if you happen to own a business (which is where it seems they're really going with this feature) you can use it to display all sorts of fun stats (company earnings, major goals, which employees are closest to getting fired to incite healthy competition—whatever you want!) and on an even bigger screen for all to see.

So while this probably isn't going to be useful for the more casual consumer, those who do need it (and you most likely know who you are) will highly benefit. You can get it at the iTunes store here.

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