Stealth Hoodie: For When the Predators Finally Reach Our Planet

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With security cameras on every corner and surveillance drones soaring overhead, designer Adam Harvey decided that average citizens needed an easy to way to protect their identity and privacy. So he created a line of "Stealth Wear" clothing including a metalized hoodie that hides the wearer from thermal imaging cameras. It's perfect for dodging drones—or intergalactic game hunters.

The stealth collection also includes a pouch made from a fabric that completely blocks your smartphone's cellular and GPS signals so it can't be tracked. As well as a unique 'XX-Shirt' with a chest patch that protects the wearer's heart from x-ray radiation. They're neat, they're creepy, and they're all a little pointless when it comes to protecting privacy given that everyone freely shares their personal info on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram anyway.


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