This song is absolutely addictive and this movie is going to be so great.

Tip: John Hodgeman versus Patton Oswalt in a Science Fiction Trivia Challenge


Robert Thorton posted this for us and you should totally listen to it over at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

Tip: First Review of Doctor Who's "Eleventh Hour"
Don't worry. It's spoiler-free.

If we were being ultra-critical we'd argue that the story itself is ultimately the weakest part of The Eleventh Hour (although we did love elements of it, which again we don't want to spoil here), yet that'd be really tough criticism. Because like it or lump it, this episode came with responsibility on its shoulders (being a mix of opening episode, new era for the programme and new actors to bed in), and Moffat deals with it brilliantly at times. Some of his one liners are outstanding, too, and he's clearly having great fun with the comedy elements of the show.

The absolute highlight for us was the superb way that the new assistant is brought into the story. It's just brilliant. Again, no spoilers, short of to say that by the time the end credits roll, understandable layers of depth to the character of Amy Pond have already been added as a result. That's some achievement, and it's going to stand the show in good stead.


I'm totally excited for this season premiere! Read the entire review here at Den of Geek. Thanks for this tip, marlowespade.

Tip: Five Short Films That Use The Same Dialogue? Parallel Lines.
Five directors were each challenged to create short films in different genres using the same dialogue. The five 5 beautifully diverse films are by Greg Fay, Jake Scott, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch and animators Hi-Sim and their genres range from drama, animation, action, to sci-fi and thriller.

Thanks for the tip, BullfightsOnAcid! This looks like it's going to be awesome!

Tip: Cool Architecture Of The Future
Roklimber posted this for us!


See all of them over here at Huffington Post.

Tip: Roklimber's Science Picks of the Week
Some items submitted by Roklimber:

For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature

Biology May Not Be So Complex After All, Physicist Finds

Zodiacal Light Vs. Milky Way (Pictured at top of post)

Equinox +1

Physicists Show Theory of Quantum Mechanics Applies to the Motion of Large Objects


First Temperate Exoplanet — Size of Jupiter — Discovered

Students Discover New Species of Raptor Dinosaur in Inner Mongolia

Tip: Ant Colony Architecture
Roklimber posted this video and it's incredible.

See more animal architecture here!