Stephen Amell Says 'Flashpoint' May Affect Arrow, or Not, Who the Hell Knows, Really

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One of the biggest questions about the DC/CW universe of shows is whether the Flash, when he ended his second season by saving his mom in the past and rewriting the timeline, would also have changed the timelines of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Yesterday, Stephen Amell suddenly declared that it would. Then he quickly undeclared it.


Here’s the deal: Yesterday reported that Amell, when asked if The Flash’s “Flashpoint” storyline would affect the events of Arrow at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey, answered “Sure.” And then, when someone else asked “Majorly?” as a follow-up. Amell replied, “You bet.”

After the nerdernet had time to imagine all the possible changes to the Arrow status quo that were in store (the return of Tommy Merlyn!), Amell clarified his comments on Facebook earlier today:

Actually I sarcastically said “sure”... And then I seriously said, “I have no idea whatsoever”... but let’s go with confirm, I guess.

No one seemed to have mentioned the “I have no idea whatsoever” bit when they were first reporting the Arrow/’Flashpoint’ business, but this is hardly impossible. On the other hand, Amell’s also been around the block long enough to know you can’t use sarcasm when speaking at cons, because otherwise this is exactly what happens.

So now you have your choice of what the reality is:

• Stephen Amell was being sarcastic and a bunch of fans missed it: 33%

• Stephen Amell knows that Arrow season five will begin in an alternate timeline thanks to the Flash’s bad decisions and accidentally spilled the beans: 25%

• Stephen Amell got caught up in the fan excitement of a con and blurted out something he thought they’d be excited about despite it being patently untrue: 22%

• Stephen Amell has no goddamn clue what ‘Flashpoint’ is other than something involving the Flash, and, assuming the question really was whether The Flash would affect Arrow in some format this season, and knowing that the two shows will have their annual crossover, figured ‘sure’ was a wholly safe answer and was dismayed when the PR department told him it wasn’t: 18%


• Stephen Amell is secretly on Marvel’s payroll to sow confusion and dissent among fans of DC’s live-action TV projects: 2%

Guys. It’s the Fourth of July. I work with what I’ve got.

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Michael Crider

“Sure. Definitely. Maybe. Could be. I have no idea whatsoever.”

Sit Amell down in the writer’s room, CW. It’s not as if he could do a worse job than whoever you hired for Arrow season 4.