Steve Jobs: The Complete Story of the Billion Dollar Hippy In Sixty Minutes

"How did a drug-taking college dropout create one of the largest companies of the world?" That's the question that this one-hour documentary on Steve Jobs by the BBC. I just saw it and it's nice.


It's better than the rushed and boring Isaacson book for sure.

It has a load of old photos and videos. Some of them you probably have seen a hundred times already, but others look new to me. They also got Steve Wozniak, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Stephen Fry talking about him, as well as many testimonies from most of the major players in the computer industry back then. [Kottke]

P.S. I love how Woz answers the BBC guy on the Beatles comparison, Jobs being McCartney and Woz being Lennon.


You know, I have to agree about the Isaacson biography. I was expecting something better.