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Steve Wozniak Was So Good at Tetris He Got Banned from Nintendo Power

Illustration for article titled Steve Wozniak Was So Good at Tetris He Got Banned from emNintendo Power/em

In our article about Tetris's 30th anniversary, the one and only Steve Wozniak dropped by to regale us with tales of his long reign as America's #1 Tetris champion. He was so good, Nintendo Power magazine stopped accepting his score submissions. So Woz had to get crafty.

I constantly had the top score for Gameboy Tetris in the Nintendo Power rankings. It got to where they wanted fresh names in the list and said they would not accept my submissions any longer. So I spelled my name backwards (Evets Kainzow) and changed the city from Los Gatos to Saratoga. Sure enough, they printed that name at the top of the next list of scores. I even have that issue of Nintendo Power, thanks to a thoughtful fan who gifted me with it recently.


Woz: Co-founder of Apple, designer of the modern home computer, Tetris jedi.

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So apparently the WOZ figured out how to inject the High Score rankings through snail mail! Never trust user input!!!