Stop Censoring the Names of Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Dickens and Other Penis Named People Please

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A cable company in the UK had a bit of a snafu with a super strict censoring system in its TV guide over the weekend. They were asterisking Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Dickens, the soccer team Arsenal, the movie Hancock and any other name or title that had a penis or butt related word in it.

What the heck Brits! I thought you guys knew how to have fun! When did you guys get your panties in a bloody bunch (that's gross). Oh. What? It was only a mistake. Phew! So fret not folks, Virgin Media, the cable censorer in question, wasn't trying to ban cock based names or anything (cause that would be robbing one of life's simplest joys) but had accidentally implemented an overzealous profanity checker. Here's Virgin Media's official statement, as relayed by The Register:

"Over the weekend a temporarily over-zealous profanity checker took offence at certain programme titles. The altered titles have been swiftly analysed and we're fixing any remaining glitches"


Supposedly Virgin Media poked fun at itself by censoring an*lysed in the statement too. [The Media Blog via The Register UK]