Stormtroopers, Swordfighters, and MC Frontalot - io9's Timebender In Pictures

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It was like the dreams of a million geeks compressed into a highly-explosive substance and launched at high speed into the heart of Austin. It was io9's Timebender party at South by Southwest. Here is photographic evidence.

The evening began with lines snaking down Trinity St. outside the Pure Volume House, which was hosting the Timebender party last night. Before you could enter the doors, you had to run a gauntlet formed by members of the local 501st Star Garrison, who showed up in some fantastic gear: We had a storm trooper, a Ventress, a Clone, and a Boba Fett. Syfy Channel's Craig Engler was so impressed he tweeted about it.

Inside, under the brick arches and high ceiling, three open bars served drinks - including an amazing sweet iced tea-infused vodka - and members of the High Fantasy Society and Association for Renaissance Martial Arts practiced sword fighting in one corner. Attendees who were light on their feet got challenged to duels, and later there were some incredible sword fights with clashing of steel (yes - sparks actually do fly when swords clash).


A highlight of the evening was nerdcore master MC Frontalot's set, which was absolutely fucking awesome. Indie publisher Richard Nash was overheard saying that he'd become an instant fan. Get ready for MC Frontalot's new album, Zero Day, coming in early April. I got a special advance copy (thank you, Damian!) and let's just say you won't want to miss it.

We partied late into the night with sword-wielding barbarians, clones, geeks, writers, bloggers, filmmakers, fans, hackers, and SXSW attendees . . . and lived to tell you this tale of what happens when science fiction merges with reality and nobody gets hurt.


Photos from Tyler Nutter

Photos from John Pesina