Students banned from high school graduation because of lightsaber battle

A choreographed lightsaber battle in their school cafeteria landed two Westfield, Massachusetts seniors a two-day suspension and a blacklisting at their high school graduation. I presume this school district's had a spate of Sith gang violence, hence the zero-tolerance policy.

I also love how the local news anchors chose to interview — of all the people — the guy on the street wearing the "WHAT'S YOUR O-FACE" t-shirt. I suppose the fellow with the "Female Body Inspector" tee was unavailable that day. Supporters of the Jedi arts have started a Facebook page.


Look, Mr. Principal, this could have been way worse. For example, they could have dressed up as the Max Rebo Band and played that song from Return of the Jedi that's not "Lapti Nek."

[Via WHDH. Hat tip to Kishore!]



I'm sorry but I think those saying kids will be kids are irresponsible people. If this hadn't been star wars themed, I think a lot of you would have been changing your tune. They did something very wrong and now they faced the consequences. They got suspending and lost the privilege to attend their graduation. If they had gotten expelled I would have said that was extreme.