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Despite movie download services popping up left and right, most of them haven't reached any kind of mass appeal thanks to limitations on burning to DVD. Some, like CinemaNow, do allow burns, but have some difficulty with certain DVD players. Thanks to Sonic Solutions, there's a new licensing program called Qflix that lets consumers burn downloaded movies onto special discs.


Movielink, Warner Bros., Verbatim, and Roxio are all on board to support this end-to-end Qflix system. To burn at home, you'll have to buy Qflix-enabled burners (or update your current firmware), Qflix-enabled blank discs, and use Qflix-enabled software.

One good outcome of this is that you can potentially head to store kiosks and burn old or obscure movies that aren't widely distributed because of their limited appeal.

Studios okay users burning CSS-encrypted movies, but special media is required [Ars Technica]

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