Stunning archer accurately shoots faster than Lord of the Rings' elves

10 arrows in 4.9 seconds. That's how impossibly fast Lars Andersen can shoot arrows. Faster than the fantasy character of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings and faster than anyone in the planet—the previous record was 15 seconds. Most amazingly, he does it with incredible accuracy. Watch the video:

Andersen worked on recuperating the ancient techniques of archery. Many old books and treaties refer to these techniques, describing feats that every modern archer thought were nothing but impossible exaggerations. Andersen proved them wrong, showing that indeed you can hit 10 targets in under five seconds orshoot while you are falling off a horse and hit your objective.


And don't think this shots are feeble. He can penetrate chain mail armor with normal blunt-tip arrows, rather than the sharp and long tip arrows of old.

Lars holds all the arrows in his hand, using something called instinctive shooting to aim and shoot:

We don't know just exactly how we aim a stone or a baseball when we throw it. Some coordination of muscle and mind directs the missile and with practice we become accurate throwers. Just so with the natural or instinctive method of shooting a bow. This "snap-shooting" is used in roving, hunting and by some target shots. The arrow is usually drawn to the cheek or jaw, and the pull and release is quick and snappy. The writer has a quiver full of assorted arrows, no two of which are alike, but, because the peculiarities of each arrow are known, excellent snap shooting can be done with them. The writer has always admired a good snap shooter or an archer who is an instinctive shot. It is real archery, and if a fellow can go out and hit rabbits, stumps or any other mark at from thirty to fifty yards and do it regularly, then he is an archer of the true breed.

It's really incredible to see him in action.



Unreal, I struggle to get one off in 3 seconds. Very talented guy.