Stupid Idiots Want to Repaint the Sears Tower Silver Because They're Stupid Idiots

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Who would want to refinish the iconic Sears Tower—the nation's tallest building clad in classic black—to Toyota Prius, gaudy hubcap, old fillings, generic cheap electronic silver? Unfortunately, it's the owners.

I should clarify, it's the building's New York owners, a point that the Sun-Times was sure to slip in to the source article, knowing it would get Chicagoans good and riled up.

OK, so it totally worked in my case.

No slight to New York because I love do the city, but the source of origin explains a lot. Like the new Trump tower that's burdening our iconic skyline with shiny anonymity, so too would NY's metallic gloss rebrand the Sears Tower as just another uninspired phallus aimed for the sky.


Luckily, the owners, who are said to be considering updating the landmark's facade to rekindle interest in the building, cannot possibly have the $50 million necessary for the renovation in this economy. So hahahahaha. Hahahahhaha. Chicago wins! For now. [Chicago Sun-Times]