Sub $100 MPEG-4 Player

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Someone is dumping a bunch of Samsung MPEG-4 players on the 'Bay. Most are going for less than $50, so if you want 1GB of red hot grey market portable video action, you'd best get hustlin'.

David writes:

Just thought I'd give you a heads up that that's not actually a Samsung MPEG4 player that guy is selling on ebay. The actual text is "1GB MP4/MP3 Movie Player Photo Viewer Beat iPod Samsung" Nowhere does he claim it is actually made by Samsung (or Apple), and in fact the only place he mentions them is in the title where he claims it's superior to one, not that it is one. If you look at his past auctions, he's sold some "Sumsung" players though. Regardless, it seems like all the goods are cheap chinese stuff and the seller himself is from China, not Canada, or at least that's where stuff ships from. You guys aren't affiliated with this seller are you?


Buyer beware. I'll leave it because a sub-$100 is MPEG-4 player is still hot.

Update - The pack has spoken. This is a hunk of crap.

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