Suck UK's Customizable Tape Roll Relieves You of Free Time

Illustration for article titled Suck UKs Customizable Tape Roll Relieves You of Free Time

Do you have too much free time? Do you have crates of different inanimate objects that need labeling? Well, you're in luck; Suck UK has just launched this range of customizable tape.


Much like normal tape, the adhesive goodness can be used pretty much anywhere you want, but this type specifically has an artistic value, allowing you to create your own messages, profanities and primitive pictures, which can then be used to decorate your abode. Prices range from £5-£7 ($10 - $14), but can't you just get some nice wallpaper instead? [Technabob]

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Denver is too damn high

I it was magnetic sensitive or something along those lines so that the bars/dots flipped on/off with a special pen, that would ROCK. I'm thinking inventory counts or something along those lines. This is plain silly.