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Suits With Custom iPad Pockets, For the Fanboy On the Go

Illustration for article titled Suits With Custom iPad Pockets, For the Fanboy On the Go

You could carry your iPad in a bag like a normal person. But it'd be so far from your body! Luckily, these new suits feature an iPad pocket inside the jacket, keeping it nice and close to your heart.


The suits, by Mohan Custom Tailors in New York, actually look pretty nice. And according to their photos, you can't really see the iPad tugging half the jacket down when its inside, which is surprising (and possibly a product of convenient positioning in the photos). But still, you'll be feeling that pound-and-a-half tablet flapping against your side all day as you walk, and that'll get annoying fast.

Really, you can get a bag for it. It'll be OK in there, I promise! [Mohan Tailors]

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Because the three piece crowd is generally not one to sport a compact leather bag that fits a laptop and other various electronics and/or documents. For fuck's sake. Even I have one.

The big rectangular slab that will slap against your flanks as you attempt to saunter down the avenue in your new suit will complement you quite nicely.

P.S. Hipsters don't wear suits. This is science.