Sunday Deals On The iPad Mini Retina, Kindle Paperwhite, 2DS, And More

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Today in the rarely discounted/most desired items we cover category, we've got great deals on both the iPad Mini Retina and the Kindle Paperwhite. Best Buy is the proprietor of both discounts, knocking $50 off all iPad Mini with Retina Display models, and 20 bucks off the Paperwhite.


These are the Commerce Team's choices for best tablet and best e-reader, so if you're looking for either, don't hesitate.

iPad Mini Retina | Starting at $350

Kindle Paperwhite | $99

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Thank! Just bought my iPad Mini w/ Retina last week. Called up Best Buy and they put $50 back on my card. Now to find something else to spend my $ on :)
*for anyone else who may be able to take advantage of their price match, you have to call if you placed your order online.