We’re all looking for ways to boost productivity and make the sight of a crammed inbox a little less daunting, and free Chrome extension Mixmax is one of your options for Gmail.

The extension lets you schedule meetings more easily, queue up emails to send later, check who’s viewed your messages, create straightforward email templates and more.


Installation only takes a couple of clicks and then you’re ready to go. The newly revamped compose window lets you schedule emails to send later, track who’s seen your messages, drop in a template and more. If you don’t like the new-look Mixmax skin or you want to disable it temporarily, click on the Old Gmail Compose link to return to the classic interface.

One of Mixmax’s most useful features is the scheduling tool. Click on the Send availability calendar icon and your Google Calendar appears—you can then choose a selection of spare slots in your diary, slots which the email recipients are then able to pick from. In theory, it should lead to less of a back-and-forth when trying to arrange appointments and meetings.


Also of note is the embed tool that lets you easily drop in graphics, tables, polls, tweets, web links and more, right into your email messages. You can embed everything from a Google Maps segment to a simple Yes/No poll (handy for keeping responses short and sweet) and it really shows off Mixmax’s capabilities.

You get a limited number of features as a non-paying Mixmax user but if you want to take the shackles off and take advantage of mail merge and so on then you can switch to a premium plan. Note that the extension does create some extra labels to manage its various features, but these can be easily removed if you uninstall the extension.


[Via The Next Web]