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Superman Managed to Retcon His Romance With Wonder Woman Out of Existence

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Recently, Superman managed to warp his personal timeline—and maybe even vast swathes of the DC Universe—by merging both his New 52-era and Pre-Flashpoint selves into one single Superperson. While we still don’t know the full ramifications of what’s been affected, we now know one thing: Clark no longer snogged Diana.

There’s still a lot to unpack about what actually has changed in Superman’s life now that he’s one whole Clark Kent. We’ve had a taste in the pages of Action Comics recently, which covered his early life and his first move to Metropolis, and we know that in the present day he’s much as he was before the New 52 hit the reset button: Married to Lois Lane and raising his son Jon, who’s on his path to becoming Superboy.

But series writer Dan Jurgen took to Twitter recently to confirm one pretty major other retcon brought about by the timeline change—Superman’s romantic past with Wonder Woman has now been booted out of continuity.


Clark and Diana’s romantic dalliance was introduced in the earliest days of the New 52—a “new status quo” introduced in the pages of Justice League #12 back in 2012, angering fans still stinging from the continuity reboot’s annulment of Clark and Lois’ longstanding marriage. Over the years in the New 52 Clark and Lois never really got together, which is why the return of the Pre-Flashpoint version of the couple in Superman: Lois and Clarkthe miniseries that preceded the eventual years-long subplot that brought us to today’s DC universe, where the Supermen of both timelines are now one and the same person with a new history of his own—was such a big moment for long time DC fans.


Now, it seems those fans have got even more of what they wanted, by having Clark and Diana’s relationship wiped off the timeline altogether. That’s one way to break up with someone, I guess.