Supermarket Killer Asked for a Huge Knife Before Beheading

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Deyan Deyanov, the Bulgarian man who attacked and beheaded a British woman on Tenerife last week for no apparent reason, had walked into another supermarket a half hour before the attack and asked for a large knife, according to the Telegraph. He was caught on CCTV (above) gesturing how big the knife (sword?) should be. He then told the shopkeeper, "I'm going to kill someone."


Deyanov also "drew a finger across his throat." While that apparently wasn't enough to tip anyone off, the paper, citing interviews with locals, reports that Deyanov was certifiably nuts:

As recently as February, when he was discharged from a psychiatric hospital, he had told police that "in God's name" he was "planning something big".

One British expat who gave his name as Mike, said Deyanov had been shouting abuse at passers-by until 4am and had flicked lighted cigarettes at female holidaymakers. "Everyone had started to avoid him," he said.

Others said he was a habitual user of marijuana and was often seen muttering to himself. In one incident he attacked a security guard who was patrolling the beach area, knocking out three teeth.



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"Others said he was a habitual user of marijuana"

Ladies and gentlemen, the McCarthyism of the new millennium.