Surprise! Kim Dotcom's New Mega-Site Looks Like a P2P Client

Oh Kim Dotcom, will your exploits never cease? He's in court battling extradition to the United States, and simultaneously developing a new product that's probably going to piss off the copyright holders who are coming after him for Megaupload. Genius!

Now Dotcom has taken to Twitter to show off some screenshots of the forthcoming Mega-branded music service or whatever it is that he's been teasing for ages. From what we know about the service, it's circumvent the record labels and pay artists directly with both advertising revenue and track sales. Is it going to work? We have no idea, but it sounds pretty good.


The three shots show off the site's registration page, encryption key generator, and file manager. What's pretty funny is that even though the service will be legal, the file manager's design looks a lot like a P2P or BitTorrent client. It's a familiar interface that's time proven, but come on man! If you wanna show people you're not a crook at least dress up the aesthetics a little bit. [Twitter via TNW]


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