Surveillance Camera Software Blurs the Faces of the Innocent

Advanced video surveillance cameras that discreetly examine each face or vehicle that comes into frame are becoming more commonplace in big cities and large corporations. These cameras are equipped with intelligence algorithms that can distinguish the face, vehicle or license plate of a wanted criminal and alert the proper authorities when necessary. However, innocent people often get involved in these recordings simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A video analysis company named 3VR is now attempting to change all that.

3VR is tweaking their software to automatically blur the faces of individuals that do not pique the cameras' interest, thereby protecting the privacy of innocent individuals. The footage could still be unencrypted by authorized parties, but any changes would be trackable, so there would be a record to follow in the event that that the footage is misused. So, in effect, the software watches the people watching you. [Danger Room]

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